Agency search

Finding a reliable business partner in new industries and jurisdictions is oftentimes more preferable than building your own expensive sales network and searching for a reputable contractor by trial and error.

During our work in the Russian and European markets, we have created a wide network of counterparties in various industries.

We will find you the right business partner you can rely on.

We provide a full range of services as follows:

  • Conducting thorough market research and preparing a customized list of potential dealers / contractors
  • Negotiating with potential counterparties
  • Arranging business meetings
  • Assisting and representing our clients at international exhibitions
  • Verifying potential counterparties (financial reliability and activity history, assessment of funds and assets, i.e. Business Security Check)
  • Control of activity and contract execution of a contractor, supplier, or provider
  • Finding permanent business partners (distributors, product buyers or service consumers)
  • Preparing documents for participation in tenders for procurement of products and assistance with tender procedures