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We are committed to providing opportunities and proposing tailored solutions to better fulfill the needs of each client. We think and act globally and know no geographical boundaries. Our mission is growth and development of our clients’ businesses in a challenging and rapidly changing world. We live by our clients’ goals, and every day do our best to make their dreams and plans a reality. Our clients’ success is our success and the purpose of our daily work.


All members of our team – company’s employees – are guided by the same core values which define our work style and attitude in the team, relationships with clients, business partners, and competitors. Our shared values are respect, trust, creativity, and dedication.


We believe that respect is the foundation of any business or personal relationships. Productive collaboration with clients and business partners is based on mutual respect. We respect those who are working or competing with us. We respect their views, the difference of opinions and perspectives, and accept other people as they are.


We love challenging tasks and embrace groundbreaking solutions. Сreativity in mind, behaviour, and everyday life as well as our ability to push the boundaries of the ordinary allow us to propose superior solutions to our clients, increase our competitiveness, and grow faster than our competitors. We value clients who can think and act outside the box and encourage creativity in our emloyees.


Our clients’ success is our success. One of the most important ingredients of the mutual success is trust. We often represent our clients in the markets they know little of. It is true enough that our success depends on mutual trust. We are fully aware that trust is a fragile structure which takes years to build. This is why we care about our company’s reputation and treat reputation of our clients and business partners accordingly.


I-PRO is a team of like-minded people living an active life. We love what we do and do it with passion and dedication. Motivation to success and dedication are the main principles that unify our I-PRO team, and we readily share them with our clients and business partners. At I-PRO, there are no team members who do not love their job.

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